Cat Meet Bird Meet Snow

I suspect that cat and the bird weren’t actually there at the same time. Or, for the sake of the bird, I hope so.

15 Comments on “Cat Meet Bird Meet Snow”

  1. What’s all that white stuff? Sand?

    Just to gloat I wore shorts, a T-shirt and went barefoot to pick up my daughters from school this afternoon since it’s 70 degrees and sunny here in Central California.

  2. Re #4: You probably went barefoot because you didn’t leave the house all day. That doesn’t count.

  3. I have pictures of cat footprints where the cat went outside and then turned right around because he decided he really didn’t want to be out there.

  4. Here John, I fixed it for you:

    Eh. I went barefoot today too. Because I’m foolhardy, you see.

    We all hang a curveball over the middle of the plate sometimes. :)

  5. Hah, I’m with ebear. If they WERE there at the same time, it almost looks like they were pal’n around.

    Bird (hop, hop): Hey Cat, look. Snow.
    Cat (walking carefully in own footprints): Meh.


  6. Gods-damn but that looks cold!


    I mean, it’s about 7:15 pm here and it’s still 34C/93F, and the forecast suggests it won’t drop below 25C/77F tonight. *bah!*

  7. Nice pic.

    It was 75 yesterday and only suppose to be 45 today (w/ flurries on the way to work). I just love Alabama winters.

  8. My dog tried to play with a swan the other day.. in the Atlantic…in February. Sadly… I had no camera.

    The dog ran up,thinking- as she always does- that the swan would want to be her friend. The swan spread its wings and hissed. Sloppy stopped in her tracks, but didn’t leave.

    The swan then made a rush at the dog, who crouched, held, and started wagging her tail. I called her away before the fur/feathers flew.

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