My pal Colleen Lindsay has put out her shingle as an agent, specializing in “fantasy and science fiction, horror, paranormal romance, graphic novels, YA fiction, and pop culture.” And she’s looking for potential clients.

Try not to completely smother her with your submissions, okay? It’s her first day. Maybe pace yourselves a bit. Also, you know, read her submission guidelines before you drop a submission. Remember, actually following the submission guidelines increases your chances of being considered, because it shows you can follow simple directions. Which is an admirable quality to have.

10 Comments on “Represent!”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, sir! To clarify, I’m not working on my own. (That would be insane. And the epitome of hubris.) I’m very much a junior agent, but I’ll be working with a team of very experienced and well-respected agents at a small agency where I can learn from and be mentored by colleagues.

  2. Congrats,

    I’ll be submitting my query as soon as the damned novel is done. So, mid-summer? 2009? Before the decade is out?

    Anyway, you’ll have plenty of time to get comfortable before it shows up.

  3. Scalzi,

    Tremendous thanks for the helpful post. I sent a query her way for my first novel. We shall see.

  4. Email queries are very cool. Email queries with 48 hour turn-arounds are EXTREMELY cool. Thanks for the tip!

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