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Gaze Upon its Gazeuponableness!

Look what just arrived in the mail: Yes, it’s one of five printed and bound copies of the completed manuscript of Zoe’s Tale that exist in all the world. One copy is mine, one goes to my wife, and two are gifts. As for the fifth copy… well, some of you will recall that I […]

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Also, Since People Have Been Asking

Of the $164,000 I made from writing last year, about $120,000 of it was from writing fiction. The rest is from other sources, including non-fiction book advances and royalties, blogging for AOL and various one-off projects. Of the fiction money, the most significant chunk came from royalties from Old Man’s War and The Ghost Brigades […]

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Three More Links About Writing and Money

In addition to the Jim C. Hines link about writing and income I posted earlier: * Catherine Shaffer is talking about non-fiction freelancing (NB: Up until last year, this sort of freelancing was the largest single chunk of my income); * Agent Jennifer Jackson breaks down what new writers can expect out of their first […]

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Various & Sundry 2/13/08

More bits and pieces: * First, dig this: The super-mega-ultra deluxe versions of Old Man’s War and The Ghost Brigades: These things are wrapped in so much leather that when I took them out of the shipping box, I thought I’d stepped into a boot store. The insides of the tray cases you see here […]

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More Writing “Advice”

Not from me, from Stephen Granade. Here’s a sample: Here’s the thing that you, the would-be fiction writer, have to understand about writing and publishing: it’s a big conspiracy. It’s a cabal. There are probably robes and secret handshakes and driving around in tiny cars while wearing fezzes. You can tell because every published writer […]

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