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Also, Since People Have Been Asking

Of the $164,000 I made from writing last year, about $120,000 of it was from writing fiction. The rest is from other sources, including non-fiction book advances and royalties, blogging for AOL and various one-off projects. Of the fiction money, the most significant chunk came from royalties from Old Man’s War and The Ghost Brigades […]

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Three More Links About Writing and Money

In addition to the Jim C. Hines link about writing and income I posted earlier: * Catherine Shaffer is talking about non-fiction freelancing (NB: Up until last year, this sort of freelancing was the largest single chunk of my income); * Agent Jennifer Jackson breaks down what new writers can expect out of their first […]

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More Writing “Advice”

Not from me, from Stephen Granade. Here’s a sample: Here’s the thing that you, the would-be fiction writer, have to understand about writing and publishing: it’s a big conspiracy. It’s a cabal. There are probably robes and secret handshakes and driving around in tiny cars while wearing fezzes. You can tell because every published writer […]

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