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Not from me, from Stephen Granade. Here’s a sample:

Here’s the thing that you, the would-be fiction writer, have to understand about writing and publishing: it’s a big conspiracy. It’s a cabal. There are probably robes and secret handshakes and driving around in tiny cars while wearing fezzes. You can tell because every published writer denies it, and if there’s stronger proof than that, I don’t know what it is.

I for one deny it. Deny it emphatically.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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I have to hope that Nick at #7 is correct. . a few bits there are really too soul-less to be anything but satire. But then again, I don’t know Steve-O personally. Maybe he is soul-less.

It IS a secret handshake conspiracy.

And you know what? Getting into the cabal and knowing the secret handshake doesn’t do you a damn bit of good. You still have to be sellable to an agent, then an editor, then the marketing department, which, as the Trilateral Commission, the RIAA, and Up With People will tell you, almost always drops the ball in the quest for world domination.

Stephen Granade, you can expect the Tor Crack Ninja Team to arrive any minute now.

Wait, Sclazi also has “awesome” ninja powers. Oh damn. It all makes sense. Run, Stephen, run. Nobody survives exposing the star chamber dealings of the mighty publishing industry.

Everybody talks about the military industrial complex, or big oil, but nobody talks about the Mighty Publishing Industry, which means it’s the most secret of all cabals with roaming crack ninja teams just waiting to silence dissent. It’s all so clear now.

Oh, the humanity.

From Stephen Granade’s entry:

These days a lot of writers and editors have blogs. Read them. Leave sycophantic comments telling them how wonderful they are. Over time, it’s just barely possible that they’ll think of you as one of them.

Why, I’ve been leaving sycophantic comments here for years! I can haz in?

(This doesn’t mean I have to actually finish one of my books, does it? I mean, if I’m all in with the sycophantic actions, that should be enough, right?

Oh, crap. )

After reading Stepehen’s comments, I find myself wanting to chuck my whole laptop (no, not just what I’ve written…the WHOLE freaking thing) into the wood-chipper out back…

Trying to get published is like trying to reach that itchy spot in the middle of your back…you try and try and try to get it, and just when you think you’re getting close, you find yourself stuck.

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