Three More Links About Writing and Money

In addition to the Jim C. Hines link about writing and income I posted earlier:

* Catherine Shaffer is talking about non-fiction freelancing (NB: Up until last year, this sort of freelancing was the largest single chunk of my income);

* Agent Jennifer Jackson breaks down what new writers can expect out of their first book advances;

* Jay Lake ruminates on what having a day job gets him.

Have fun reading.

11 Comments on “Three More Links About Writing and Money”

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  2. Kerry – when I dance, you’ll want to see it. Timberlake be damned if I ever dance. Hordes of women flock to me. In my case, I don’t dance for personal safety reasons.

  3. “What happens when I decree that we dance???”

    I drive the poor girl I’m dancin with straight into the punchbowl. After, of course, the obligatory toe-stepping.

  4. What happens when I decree that we dance???

    In that case, it will be *dancing!*

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