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Incidentally, for those of you who read Whatever on an RSS feed of some sort, if you’d like to see the Whateverettes but can’t be bothered to actually visit the site, here’s the RSS feed for them. Don’t say I never did anything for you.

8 Comments on “Whateverettes, RSS”

  1. That’s kind of cool. I use google reader and I probably miss a lot of stuff by not always clicking over to a site. However I’m reading a lot more sites now than I used to.


  2. I use the RSS feeder, but generally stop by the web site often enough to read the comments.

    Alas sometimes even reading the comments doesn’t lead to a clearer understanding of why someone would be the victim of a cat attack.

  3. What, people couldn’t figure out to subscribe to the del.icio.us feed that generated the Whateverettes sidebar in the first place?

    Admittedly, you did hide it by placing a great big RSS symbol right next to it. Fiendishly clever, you.

  4. Thanks, just subscribed. I was going to pick up the link from your blog but a mixture of laziness and forgetfulness prevented that from happening.

  5. (1) Not meaning to gratuitously flatter you and your reader/contributors, but this is one more reason why you should win a MacArthur Fellowship or Nobel Peace Prize, or something.

    (2) What the fiendishly clever Patrick Nielsen Hayden said.

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