Nipping it in the Bud

Dear Barack Obama Supporters:

All y’all are starting to exhibit all the same exceptionally annoying pathologies as Ron Paul supporters.

Please note Ron Paul’s current delegate count.

Thank you for your attention.

Because GLaDoS Won’t Disassemble Herself

Athena, putting herself into infinite regressing freefall while she takes a small break from battling an insane computer. Note she’s so hardcore she plays Portal on portrait mode. Because landscape is for babies.

Also, clearly, the desktop computer is fixed.

A Couple of Nice Things

A quick note of some accolades sent my way recently:

* The Last Colony popped onto SFSite’s Reader’s Choice Best of 2007, along with Axis, Brasyl, The Name of the Wind (which took top honors) and six others. The Ghost Brigades was on this list last year, so it’s nice to see the series continue in SFSite’s readers’ affections (Old Man’s War didn’t make this list the year before, but it was nominated for a Hugo, which is almost as good. Almost).

* Speaking of Old Man’s War, the increasingly-indispensable SFAwardsWatch noted a week or so ago that OMW showed up on an annual “Best Of” list in Japan as well, as one of the top books in translation. To which I say, finally I have a reason to haul out this video:

(checks off another life goal)

Yes, I have tiny life goals. At least I have them, pal.