A Couple of Nice Things

A quick note of some accolades sent my way recently:

* The Last Colony popped onto SFSite’s Reader’s Choice Best of 2007, along with Axis, Brasyl, The Name of the Wind (which took top honors) and six others. The Ghost Brigades was on this list last year, so it’s nice to see the series continue in SFSite’s readers’ affections (Old Man’s War didn’t make this list the year before, but it was nominated for a Hugo, which is almost as good. Almost).

* Speaking of Old Man’s War, the increasingly-indispensable SFAwardsWatch noted a week or so ago that OMW showed up on an annual “Best Of” list in Japan as well, as one of the top books in translation. To which I say, finally I have a reason to haul out this video:

(checks off another life goal)

Yes, I have tiny life goals. At least I have them, pal.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Wow! It’s like a a “spot the cheapest special effect” game, narrated by some guy dressed halfway between Robin Hood and a particularly surly Muppet.

Glad to see folks are still seeing the awesomeness that is Scalzi! Makes the hunger for ZT all the mightier. And I think my copy of TAD is permanently Canadian now due to it getting loaned by my brother to his mother in law, so I must go get the paperback.

Apologies to the family members who read this but…

I !@#$%^&* LOVE THAT SONG!!!

Like in my bones I love it!!!

It’s so hardwired into my being that when I hear it get all weird. Weirder. Man, I wanted to be that dude when I was a kid but I bet he’s not aged well. The song’s gone good and bad and is now back to awesome!!! Perhaps it’s my teutonic roots. I’m just giddy with delight when I hear synthpop. And yes, while I agree with Dave @ #1, it’s still part of my wayward childhood. What is it with Germans and standing under giant flags?

Guess I’m gonna have to get this offa iTunes.

Okay, the keeper says I have to go back in my cage or he’s gonna tase me, bro.

Great…I’ve fallen down the well of 80s nostalgia and I can’t get out. Quick -send Lassie for help!
*ahem* For a non-video, on-demand option, has a Big in Japan remix available.
It’s got an annoying backbeat like the remix of Suzanne Vega’s ‘Tom’s Diner’, but it’s still quite catchy.
So much for getting anything productive done today. YouTube and call…

“some guy dressed halfway between Robin Hood and a particularly surly Muppet.”

I thought he looked like a young Bruce from Kids in the Hall, lipsyncing outrageously for the sake of a comedy sketch.

Chang, look up Girls On Film on Myspace. They’re a synthpop girl band who invoke the 80s extremely well. They’re local to me and I got hooked on them when they opened for MC Chris. They’re fun live, too.

I figured the video was going to be The Vapours Turning Japanese

When I was your age gas was less than a buck a gallon and MTV played music.
Is it just me or is it cool/weird to be a fan of an author that is in my age group? Most of my other favorite authors are quite a bit older than me and or dead.

I am now off on an Alphaville binge that could have been avoided if I had not clicked ‘Play’ on your site. You bad, very bad, man. (See me avoid responsibility? Another 80s trait.)

As I jam to 80s tunes and refer to my son’s hair as ‘A Flock of Something’, I will direct my sons to your site. On your head be it…

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