Because GLaDoS Won’t Disassemble Herself

Athena, putting herself into infinite regressing freefall while she takes a small break from battling an insane computer. Note she’s so hardcore she plays Portal on portrait mode. Because landscape is for babies.

Also, clearly, the desktop computer is fixed.

23 Comments on “Because GLaDoS Won’t Disassemble Herself”

  1. Congrats.
    I really need a new PC. Mine won’t play any of the newer games. P4@1.8 Spore might just be the game to push me over the edge. They have actually announced a release date. 9/08 Wonder if they will hit it.

  2. @Scalzi: Also, clearly, the desktop computer is fixed.

    Too easy, your geek audience demands a full description of the problem and a detailed account of the repair procedure.

  3. Just put a space in when you use an ” @ ” sign for something other than e-mail addresses.

  4. Space, ok I can do that. I prolly would of figured that out if I would just use the preview. I also want to second Gianluca’s comment @ 6.

  5. Athena,

    You’ve grown, that shirt you’ve got on is only 5 sizes too big. :) (It’s also suspiciously clean. Is it too cold to go outside, or are the parent critters saving it for special occasions?)

  6. The world breathes again! It is in good hands at last.

    PS, Athena, wanna be president a few years early? Hmmm?

  7. Phil 12, sentence 1:

    Misty, the cake is a lie.

    Someone left the cake out in the rain.

    I third the motion for details about your computer fixin’s. I love a story with a happy ending.

  8. He can’t tell us because he doesn’t know. Athena fixed it. That’s why she gets to play Portal, whilst Scalzi can only play with the broken Hungry Hungry Hippos in the cellar.

  9. I have to say, John, this is one of your most incomprehensible posts I’ve read. I haven’t the slightest idea what it is Athena has paused from doing, nor what I’m supposed to be seeing on that vertical screen.

    Does this mean I’m old? [whimper]

  10. All I can say is — cool monitor. But what’s the deal with the rat’s nest of wires protruding from that computer? That thing’s got cables coming off in every direction!

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