Snowy Dog Chaser

Because I ranted earlier today, here’s a fluffy, snowy puppy:

There, that makes everything better.

16 Comments on “Snowy Dog Chaser”

  1. Wow. That has got to be the *worst* case of doggy dandruff I’ve ever seen.

    What? Someone had to say it.

  2. Do you know what kind of dog it is?

    The red color is beautiful and it reminds me of a dog I had once.

  3. That makes sense. The dog I had was an sort of Asian mutt. (Jindo, Shiba Inu, etc.)

    I don’t see many “LolDog” pictures here, so I’m assuming it’s a neighbor’s.

  4. Jim, that’s Kodi, fierce defender of canine rights in the Scalzi Compound. Kodi is usually too dignified to participate in the LolDog stuff.

  5. O Wasteful Scalzi, why did you squander valuable picture space by posting one of Her minions? You could have shown the Source of All Illumination instead of just a dim reflection of it, but once again you have fallen short of the bar.

    You are clearly the cross that poor, suffering Beauteous Ghlaghghee must bear. Even She must be tested, it seems.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  6. Well, thank Klono. All this politicking, quite uncharacteristic of you.

    …er, should I have added a or something at the end, there? Eh, you’ll get it.

  7. He’s a cool dog. Get it? He’s a dog and he’s in snow. So, he must be cool. Sorry, sometimes I just can’t help myself and someone already went with a dandruff joke. Urge to be corny fading.

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