Daily Archives: February 19, 2008

Meet the New Bosses

On one hand, their spelling is atrocious. On the other hand, they have really good ideas for action scenes, as long as you ignore their suggestion that every such scene should end with a disemboweling. Also, they won’t tell me what they did with Patrick Nielsen Hayden. I think Teresa may want to look through […]

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Another Book Done!

Well, sort of. I just delivered to Tor the revised edition of Agent to the Stars, which will have its trade paperback debut in late ’08. The revisions were mostly to update the timeframe of events; the original version of the book has timely pop culture references that are no longer timely, because the book […]

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Not a Sunset. Not a Sunrise

This is what I saw at sunrise this morning: The interesting catch: This is the western horizon. Generally speaking, the western horizon is not the one you expect to have sunrise-like qualities to it, so I naturally found it interesting and snapped a photo. My expectation is that the haze in the air caught the […]

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Things I Want to Pimp Today: A List (Plus an Open Pimp Thread)

Here are the things I want to get pimplicious about at the moment: 1. Schuyler’s Monster, by Robert Rummel-Hudson: Rob and I go waaaaaay back; he and I are part of a small group of people who have been keeping blogs since the Cretaceous Period of the internet (when blogs were known as “online diaries” […]

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