Daily Archives: February 20, 2008

Shaky Eclipse

Tried to get a picture of the lunar eclipse tonight; this is the best I got: Note to self: The next time I come into pointlessly large sums of money, buy tons of crap for night photography. Hope you’re actually seeing the eclipse tonight. You know, with your eyes. Because it’s spectacular.

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Ultimate Blogrolls

Over at GalleyCat, MediaBistro’s publishing blog, Ron Hogan has posted his “ultimate blogroll” — the five blogs he can’t live without — and he was nice enough to list Whatever as one of them. See, folks: Bribery works! He’s also soliciting ultimate blogrolls from other folks, and since you’re other folks, you can participate. Head […]

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The Big Idea: Jami Attenberg

For her debut novel The Kept Man, writer Jami Attenberg fashioned a nice, big challenge for herself: having her main character unravel a mystery about her husband’s life — a husband who was not dead, but in a coma for six years. It’s easy to create a character who is a widow; examples abound in […]

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I Am Guilty, God Help Me

Xkcd, naturally. Krissy used to worry that I got too wrapped up in absolutley pointless Internet slugfests until the day she realized that the reason I did it was because I was having fun, not because I was massively emotionally invested. I might stay up to thump on someone online, but once I step away […]

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What? Another Snow Day?

Around these here parts, February is also known as “the month what the youngin’s don’t get edumacated because it’s all snowified.” Which is to say there hasn’t been a week this month where at least one day has been canceled due to snow — sometimes when there was hardly any snow at all. At least […]

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