Poor Zeus

He’s back from the vet, about two navy beans lighter. And he’s still more than a little doped up, as you can see. He’ll get over it. For now, though, he’s all about the nap.

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  1. Poor little fella, getting his sparkplugs pulled.

    ::gently pets Zeus between the ears::

    Now want to send him a package of Yummy Chummies. But I will resist.

  2. My little Holstein dude was much the same way. He was still dopey and staggering around from the ketamine.

    When he finally was coherent, his first response was, “NOOOO! THEY BE STOLED MY HARBLS!”

  3. I love the nose to the floor position. (I’m resisting the urge to type “Aww, poor kitty”… oops) My little boy cat was in a similar state when we brought him home from his de-beaning. I’d never had a boy cat before, so I was all worried at the time that he’d hate me for it.

  4. I, too, was spectacularly worried when we brought our boy kitty, Myrddin Emrys, back home from the vet after the operation. He was all doped up and I sobbed to my husband, “NOOOO! HE’S GOING TO BE ALL MELLOW NOW!”

    Two days later, when he was bouncing off the walls, the couch, the desk, my husband’s head, shredding everything in sight and howling at the neighborhood–you know, the behavior he exhibited before his operation–my husband looked at me and said, “I think your mellowness theory has been disproven.”

  5. Chryss — Boy kitties don’t calm down for like, two years anyway. Heck, mine’s six and still convinced he’s about eight weeks old. We’re not sure he’s going to get the point until he gets arthritis.

    Poor Zeus. This is a great time to do the infant-human-snuggle that cats almost neeeever let you do, in my opinion. When the cat I presently live with (the eternal kitten mentioned above lives with my parents and was flatly refused a change of address by the overlords when I moved out) had eye surgery and was still dopey, I got to do all the things I never got to do like rub her tummy and cuddle her like a baby and coo at her (she never puts up with that crap sober), which was terribly fun.

    Try it, Scalzi! You may never get to again…

  6. Aw, man. He’s gonna sleep through the eclipse! >:-(

    Hang in there, Zeus. I will keep an ice pack in my lap tonight in solidarity.

  7. I once had a Siamese I got at the pound. They wouldn’t let him go until he was “fixed”, but he was still a couple of weeks shy of the minimum age for getting the work done. The vet decided that the couple of weeks didn’t matter, and did him anyway.

    They said he’d be groggy when I got him home, and probably pretty stiff for a couple of days.

    Hah. As soon as I got him home he started running around and playing like nothing had happened at all. He never missed ’em. Not even on the day he lost ’em.

  8. Poor little dude.

    He could be the twin brother of my kitteh. They even have the same white racing stripes on their back legs.

  9. When we brought Yeti back from getting snipped, he would get a very puzzled look when grooming his belly. “I’m sure I left them right there!”

  10. Toonces (Rest his fuzzy little soul) had a rather strong reaction to being denied his right to procreate:

    He flipped over on his back an pretended he was a skunk by spraying pee all over me and my car. My clothes and my person were fixed by the washing machine and a quick shower respectively. My car?

    He picked the hottest day of the year to do that.

    Meh. You get used to it, and the car tossed a rod three months later anyway. So I didn’t have to really sell it to someone needing a ride.

  11. Zeus looks an awful lot like my Jasmine, too. I shall go snuggle with Jasmine — which fondness will transfer to Zeus through the same Interconnectedness Of All Felines which makes them all go nuts and run around the house at 3:00 in the morning.

  12. It’s fun to push them over when they’re still groggy and then watch them get up again.

    What?! You know it’s true.

    Oh. Um. Poor Zeus, yeah.

  13. Playing Cosy Sheridan’s “The True and Terrible Trials of Waldo, the Dog” in Zeus’s honor.

    Poor, widdle kitty. Good thing they don’t understand much English as I don’t think the, “but it’s for your own good” arguments would really fly.

  14. Julia@11–Myrddin is 13 now. He’s still not mellow. A common cry around the house when Myrddin’s in “hunting” mode–“Cover me, I think I can make the stairs!”

  15. They don’t really miss sex. No, really, honestly. Isn’t that right, Zip? Zip… why are you arching your back like that? Zip! ZIP! Dignity!

    They don’t. Honest.

  16. He’s not likely to miss it because he’s never had it. We snipped him pre-puberty, perchance to avoid the ability to spray.

    Incidentally, this morning he appears to be fully recovered.

  17. We got our boy Shiro snipped when my wife brought me into the bedroom to show me what he was up to… he was T-boning our other cat’s ribcage, she Was Not Amused. Seems the vet had underestimated his age by a few weeks…

    Some we have pictures of the look he gave my wife when he got back from the vet. He spent a good hour glaring at her, with furrowed brow. It took him a few days, but he forgave her. It’s been 7 years now, and he still acts like a kitten most times. Those he’s to big now to hide in my boots and ambush my toes, thank god.

  18. John, I snipped Zip before puberty too. She still take the lardosis position with me and (more embarrassingly) with guests she likes.
    Honestly though – cats don’t have the same emotional baggage we have about sex, and when not in heat it basically doesn’t exist for them, so I don’t think they actually do miss it.
    Unlike hunting, unfortunately…

  19. We had our males clipped as soon as they started showing signs of the voice getting lower – that first tomcat mrrrrow at the door. They’d mellow for one day and then it was back to full scale kitten-level destruction.

    Our dog was different. He came bouncing in like he was made of rubber. The vet swore he’d be as mellow as a lamb when we picked him up. We came back and there he is, bouncing even higher. We asked if they even did the surgery. The vet swore he never saw a dog shake off anesthesia so fast.

  20. Thanks pixelfish (#35) for the link.

    Zeus, buddy, I didn’t lose my beans but I had people a-cuttin’ down there on me last week to detach them. I’m doing much better now and I hope you are – chin up.

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