Before Even More People Send it to Me

Yes, I’ve seen Translation from Aburt-speak to English of selected portions of his SFWA presidential platform, over at sillybean. It’s very amusing, and also, very much like the Andrew Burt campaign posters, an indication of how electing Burt will not do wonders for SFWA’s relations with the public, or its potential future membership. And here we pause for a sigh and a sad headshake.

Update, 12:08, 2/22/08 — This is pretty damn funny, too. Any day is a good day to do a Thurber homage. Especially one with me in it.

6 Comments on “Before Even More People Send it to Me”

  1. It kind of makes me wish Congress conducted their business with this level of transparency and snark. I’ve watched so much shit flying, I feel like I’m at the zoo. Just remember Niven’s rules for shit flinging.

  2. God help me, I love Walter Mitty. I am not an SFWA member, probably never will be. I know only of this battle what you have posited on this blog. But to quote the lovely ‘Larry the Cable Guy’, That’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are, that’s funny.

  3. I am wondering when the first Greetings Gentelbeings t-shirts will appear. Next to the techopeasant ones.

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