Greetings, Gentlebeings!

I doubt I’m the first person who has noticed the inherent LOL potential of everyone’s favorite SFWA election-related greeting, but I’m pretty sure I’m the first person to set up a Flickr Group on the subject. The pool is free for anyone to join. Note that just to be on the safe side I have it set for “18+,” so some of you may need to click through the warning to get to the group Update: I took off the restriction, so now you should have no problems looking at it or contributing (although, clearly, you’ll need to be a Flickr member to join the group). I’ve seeded the group to get you all started, and new contributions have begun to flow in. I ask only that you not post something unspeakably vulgar (we’re trying for funny and clever, here). You can manage that, I’m sure.

Won’t you play along, dear gentlebeing?

27 Comments on “Greetings, Gentlebeings!”

  1. One does not have to assassinate a character who is self-immolating, Jeff C.

    And anyway, this is merely an appreciation of an evocative phrase, nothing more.

  2. Good point, I suppose not. I’ve been thinking though, we’ve certainly not been helping A. Burts image and standing within the SciFi community. If not elected, this is all to the good. But if he wins the election, will it not make matters worse for the SFWA?

    Anyway, I wish I could find a good rendition of the Asha-man appearing at Dumai’s wells to use our new introductory line on. I know there’s one out there, so hopefully I can find it soon.

  3. Jeff C:

    If he’s elected president of SFWA, I don’t suspect matters could get worse, so no. Also, Mr. Burt’s standing in SF is what it is. This will not make much of a difference one way or another in that respect.

    That said, the other people running this year in the other slots are an admirably competent group, and I doubt seriously if any of them will let Burt get away with any crap. Burt trying to get one past Elizabeth Moon, Lee Martindale, Mary Robinette Kowal or Amy Sterling Casil will essentially having him walking into a buzzsaw. This is a good thing, but it would be a shame if the board’s general activities for the next year were constrained to keeping Burt from playing with matches. Better to have Russell in there and let the board get actual work done.

  4. upload your picture to your account, then click on the picture’s page and click on the “Add to Group” button right above the picture.

  5. Not too OT: This particular picture, above, is a favorite of mine. It’s the only thing funny in Spaceballs.

  6. Does my Photo look anything like any writers that want the position at SFWA…. or is it politically incorrect of me to ask….. No, I’ll ask…Bwahaha.

  7. I am signed into Flickr, and it won’t let me view the group. What kind of restrictions did you put on it?

  8. *grumble* Apparently I had safesearch on. I can’t remember if it even asked me that when I joined there…

  9. For what it’s worth, it seems to me the word “Gentlebeings” was on either SF Book Club mailings or F&SF subscription forms back in the 1970s. Okay, so I don’t remember the exact provenance, but I’m certain I saw the word on a regular basis when I was in high school. Perhaps Someone considers it still cool and au courant.

    Apologies if this has already been discussed to death somewhere.

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