Daily Archives: February 23, 2008

Indulging My Indulgences

The rock band Journey debuted their new lead singer Arnel Pineda at a concert in Chile two nights ago. How did the dude do in the “Can he sing like Steve Perry” sweepstakes? Judge for yourself (note: I found the volume level here a little low, let it play and adjust your own volume levels […]

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Possible Presidencies

We’ve been having fun with a certain candidate for the president of SFWA here, but in the comment threads at least a couple of people have asked a good question: What if Andrew Burt does become SFWA president? Is it truly the end of SFWA? Partly to keep those folks who are now well and […]

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Country Life

Whenever it snows, my neighbor hooks a plow to the front of his truck, plows his driveway, and also plows ours. Because it’s neighborly. He’s doing it right now. At 2am. The man really likes his snow plow. I think this is kind of awesome.

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