Today is International Make Up a Word Day

I have an amazing number of things to deal with today that do not involve writing here. So I’m off for the rest of the day. However I know that your lives will be a meaningless shell without something to do here. For that reason I am declaring today International Make Up a Word Day, in which you, yes, make up a word that has not existed before. Yes, others have done this before. I don’t claim it’s original, just amusing.

How to know if it’s a new word? If a Google search comes up with nothing, you’re golden.

My contribution to IMaWD:

Straternization: Hanging out socially with people not because you like them, but for their strategic benefits (i.e., helping you get ahead in work, getting you closer to that cute young thing, raising your social status in the lunchroom, etc). Usually doesn’t work nearly as well as people hope.

Your turn.

Totally Bogarting the Sock

In the mail yesterday: organic catnip from these folks. Put a little in the toe of a worn sock this morning and presented it to Zeus. Then eventually tried to take it away. He was against that.  I think I’ll be rationing his intake from here on out. But judging from the reaction, that’s primo ‘nip, dude.

Small Observation

Having a frisky kitten in the house: Generally fun.

Having a frisky kitten in the house at 2:30 am, after a particularly long day: Not so much.