And Yes, the Reason I’m Fiddling is I Don’t Have Anything Interesting to Say

Okay, I mostly like the way the site looks at the moment, so I think I’ll keep it this way for a while.

For those of you who are wondering, the theme I’m using is the “Seashore” theme here (which I have clearly modified), and this is the picture I’m using. I took it a couple years ago on Thanksgiving. This particular theme allows you to swap out the picture relatively easily, so I imagine I will do that when the mood strikes me. I may also do a little more tinkering here and there, but this is mostly it for now.

I do believe I’ll wander away from the computer now. See you folks later.

Don’t Panic

I’m fiddling with themes today. Things might look different than they usually do, from time to time. No cause for alarm.

Looking for People Like Me

Am I the only person in the world for whom earbuds won’t seat securely in their ear? Thanks to the iPod, earbuds have been the preferred mode of earphone for five years now, but personally I can’t keep them in; they fall out unless I keep my head absolutely rigid. Which is not what happens to all those silhouettes doing calisthenics in the iPod commercials.

I’m just wondering if I have freakish ears, or if everybody has the same problem and are simply waiting for someone else to come out about the problem. If it’s the latter, well, here I am.  Join me.