And Yes, the Reason I’m Fiddling is I Don’t Have Anything Interesting to Say

Okay, I mostly like the way the site looks at the moment, so I think I’ll keep it this way for a while.

For those of you who are wondering, the theme I’m using is the “Seashore” theme here (which I have clearly modified), and this is the picture I’m using. I took it a couple years ago on Thanksgiving. This particular theme allows you to swap out the picture relatively easily, so I imagine I will do that when the mood strikes me. I may also do a little more tinkering here and there, but this is mostly it for now.

I do believe I’ll wander away from the computer now. See you folks later.

33 Comments on “And Yes, the Reason I’m Fiddling is I Don’t Have Anything Interesting to Say”

  1. Love the new look.

    And if you’ve got nothing, maybe you can chat with Dave Kuzminski of “Preditors and Editors” about the various items of rectal millinery who are taking him to court for having the audacity to itemize their failings on the Internet?

  2. I see JMS got in before me here, but would you mind giving your eminent exposè on slander/libel/ouchie, you hurt my feelings/buisness, again?
    I vaguely recall the “Lie a Little” debacle, and an illuminating follow up.

  3. My challenge to you is to use the panoramic of your home but make the image slowly go through the seasons at a year per hour.

  4. On the one hand: Yay! I can now see the number of comments from the front page, and even click on it! (I’m presently looking from an ancient browser, which used to make those links one pixel high.)

    On the other hand: Didn’t there used to be prev post / next post buttons at the top of each page? Now my navigational sensibilities are all screwy. o.O

  5. The only hitch in your giddyup that I see is that there’s no navigation to the previous (or next) post. Other than that.. nicely done.

  6. Prev/Next links or no, in the interim you can just click on the date in that nifty calendar at the top, and then it’ll show you on one page all the day’s posts in their full glory!

  7. Prev/next buttons are going to require actual operational surgery on the theme, as opposed to CSS face lifts.

    I liked the little “add comments” jump link at the top when it was there.

  8. I think I’ve spent an hour clicking through the Random Posts portion. Even when you don’t have anything to say, there is still something that you have said. Is the Random Posts section new or did I just get so engrossed in the current post that I never notice before? Or perhaps your new layout has better organization.

  9. I like the new layout, but I’m going to whine about the Whateverette on the right,simply because I’m a contrary sort of fellow.

    RIP, William F. Buckley ==============>

    I hope Mr. Buckley does not rest in peace, and if there’s a hell (which I don’t believe in), I hope that he’s down there giving a Hitler a hummer.

  10. I only just began reading your blog yesterday, but I hope a comment is welcome on the change.

    I had been browsing your past posts without problem yesterday evening and today before the change, but something in your new layout keeps killing Mozilla. It’s crashed three times already today, almost as though I’m not supposed to read something you wrote in January…

  11. Have you considered a space/ star/ nebulae theme? It would just kinda seem right. Or so it would seem to me.

  12. I just started using WordPress this week, and I have to say I don’t know why I waited so long. I think I’m in love with it. I will be ditching typepad in the weeks to come and taking everything over there. All that is to say, looks good, works good.

    But, and maybe I’m missing something of nuance here, but all wordpress themes seem almost exactly the same to me. A little color difference here, a little font difference there…but I guess it encourages people to have nice clean sites and not clutter them all to hell.

  13. FYI in Firefox when I click on the blue border on the left side it wants to highlight all the text on the screen. kinda weird.

  14. Hey, just a heads-up…
    Did you mean to put the link to the web hosting company in the bottom right corner? Or was that there from the theme? If you get themes from non-mainstream WordPress sources, sometimes, they say they’re “free” but what they mean is “sponsored, but free to use”. People pay theme developers to put links to their sites in the theme and then unsuspecting people give away free advertising that the developer gets paid for.

    Again, just FYI, if you weren’t already familiar.

  15. Network Geek, from the WP themes page:

    These themes are made built with the same care and attention that we show for our “Paid” themes.
    These are released for free because of the sponsorship we got from WebHosting Geeks [for Seashore and Minimal Themes] and Dubai Apartments [for BlueSky and MotherNature Themes]. Please keep the footer links untouched for using these themes for free. If you wish to remove the footer links, please Contact us !

    So yes. And the link should probably stay there.

  16. Um, Arachne Jericho, just because it’s actually on the website doesn’t mean it was read, or caught, before the theme was installed. And, I never suggested removing the link. I just thought I’d point it out, as I couldn’t remember whether the link had been there before the theme change, or not.
    Personally, I don’t have a problem either way, but it is an issue that snuck up on me and, well, I just thought I’d point it out. Also, it’s something people who are new to WordPress, like Lisa, should be aware of and not get blindsided by, as has happened in the past.

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