Sock Addiction Claims Another Victim

Not even Ghlaghghee is immune to the charms of a catnip-filled sock.

Shortly after this picture was taken, Zeus wandered by and tried to run off with the sock. Ghlaghghee’s veto of this action was fairly robust. Yes, she is cute and fluffy, but she’s definitely no pushover.

And now I’m off. Illness over the last couple of days has messed with my sleep schedule and my work output; time to correct at least one of these. You guess which one.

18 Comments on “Sock Addiction Claims Another Victim”

  1. Sock addiction has an entirely different meaning to us knitters – they’re fast, portable and there are a lot of really beautiful sock yarns that you buy in small quantities, so it’s easy to knit a lot of them.

    I produced six adult pairs (and four baby ones) in a two month period last summer, and there’s always a pair in the making.

    I am, in fact, a sock addict.

  2. I’d guess you’re going to work on sleep, as when I’m recovering from an illness, nothing else I do will come out right until I’ve done that. However, you are the industrious type, so I wouldn’t put it past you to go tend to your writing.

  3. So, have you tried wrestling the sock? I’m sure you’d feel silly as hell, but it might put some pep in your step.

  4. O Great Scalzi, what a wonderful and all too rare action shot of Our Gracious Lady. We are glad that Her Shimmering Radiant Glory permitted TempCat Zeus to live after daring to intrude into Her Meditations.

    What Mercy. What Magnificence. The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club is overwhelmed. That All-Knowing, All-Seeing, Infinitely Penetrating Gaze of Wisdom and Power from those Superb Sapphire Eyes render us speechless.

    Unfortunately, a motion to award you another coveted The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club Seal of Approval Award failed to garner the necessary votes.

    Better luck next time – which we expect will be very shortly forthcoming.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  5. How does someone with human speech limitations pronounce “Ghlaghghee” without choking on his or her tongue. I’ve got three languages in my brain and I’m stumped.

  6. Ari, the ‘GH’s are pronounced ‘F’ (as in “enough”). The ‘A’ is pronouced ‘U’ (as in “was”). And of course ee is pronounced ‘Y’.

    So Ghlaghghee is pronouced…Fluffy. Hence my earlier comment.