Oh, Look, I’m Interviewed

If you’ve got about 40 minutes to burn, there’s a podcast interview featuring me at Mur Lafferty’s I Should Be Writing blog. In it, interviewer Christopher Lester gets to experience me when I am well and truly overcaffeinated at the ConFusion convention last January. I opine on day jobs, humor in science fiction, the Best Fan Writer Hugo and why I personally wouldn’t have a BrainPal in my head. It’s a fun listen.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

9 replies on “Oh, Look, I’m Interviewed”

Excellent, I love Mur’s podcast. Will have to download it at work though. And, yes, you were overcaffeinated at Confusion. I believe the supply of Coke Zero in Detroit was nil on Sunday afternoon due to the conference (where it was everywhere). Saturday afternoon you started to emit an audible hum you were vibrating so fast.

Great interview, but gah got me angry again that certain people want to usurp the word “fan” and think only they should be able to use it (no offense to Dave Langford).

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