Today is a Whateveresque Registration Day

If you wanted to sign up for an account at Whateveresque but hadn’t done so yet, you have 24 hours (from 3:40 pm Eastern 3/1 until 3:40 pm Eastern 3/2) to register before I close down registration again. I’ll open registration again on 3/15.

Note there may be a delay between your registration and my authorizing you — I’m doing stuff today unrelated to playing online.

Also, do me a favor: If you are registering, try to register using a name that doesn’t look like a spam name. Something like “Sjdxxxeq3” is likely not to make it past the gateway.

7 Comments on “Today is a Whateveresque Registration Day”

  1. Thanks, and I didn’t use that charming nick you suggested, though I did think about it. :)

  2. Just thinking about it, I have substantial message board experience (although with vBulletin, not phpBB).

    I don’t suppose I could propose a trade? I’d be happy to moderate new registrations for you so that they can be open all of the time. That way, you wouldn’t have to spend lots of time on weeding out spambots, and people like me wouldn’t be left out in the cold in between registration days.

    I can provide some references on request. Well, as much as anyone can on the internet.

    worldsandtime -at- gmail

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