Daily Archives: March 3, 2008

Be Serious, Now

Does anyone really think Hillary Clinton is going to leave the race if she blows it in both Ohio and Texas tomorrow? Really? How can she possibly usurp at the convention if she’s not still in the race? That would be madness! Heh. Sorry. My expectation at this point is that Obama wins Texas, Clinton […]

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One-Hit Lit

Over at Whateveresque, they’re having a conversation on literary “One Hit Wonders” — folks who had one interesting/impressive book, and then just sort of dropped off the face of the earth. I myself offered up as an example Barry Hughart, who wrote the absolutely wonderful and World Fantasy Award-winning Bridge of Birds, but then had […]

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Speaking of Auctions

Subterranean Press was doing inventory and came across a lettered edition copy of Agent to the Stars (it comes with its own tray case, even) and has decided to auction it off. This is the book that people are trying to sell for $1000, and SubPress’ opening asking price is $9.95. So, you know. A […]

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Scheduled Downtime

As a head’s up for folks: Early Wednesday morning (Eastern time) my host provider is going to be doing upgrades to its servers, including the one Scalzi.com is on, so it’s possible Whatever will be inaccessible for at least some part of that time. So if you can’t reach the site during that time, don’t […]

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