Speaking of Auctions

Subterranean Press was doing inventory and came across a lettered edition copy of Agent to the Stars (it comes with its own tray case, even) and has decided to auction it off. This is the book that people are trying to sell for $1000, and SubPress’ opening asking price is $9.95. So, you know. A bit off the asking rate. For the moment, anyway.

8 Comments on “Speaking of Auctions”

  1. Yep, that one is headed right on out of my price range. Over $100 in 30 minutes, and I bet most Whatever readers haven’t even had their first coffee yet.

  2. Yah, I give up. I’ll wait for the soft cover.

    I don’t know what it is about auctions, you have that 3 seconds where you think you *might* win and then the three little words, “You’ve been outbid” squashes you like a mysterious anvil that has dropped from some unseen cliff.

    It hurts us, precious.

  3. $1000? Man…my public library has a copy. I can read it for free, there. ;)

  4. I read Agent to the Stars off of the website over the last day and a bit.

    What is it with you and farting aliens?

    (Excellent novel, thanks for making it so easily available!)

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