The Winner of the Zoe’s Tale Auction for the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust


James R. Thorsen, D.V.M., who bid $2,051.01 for the bound manuscript, which I am even now signing to him and sending on its way later today. The entire sum of his bid has also been donated to the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust no more than five minutes ago; I was going to deduct Paypal and eBay charges, but then I thought, screw it, I can handle those. I’ll post confirmation of the donation when it arrives.

I want to thank James Thorsen for his winning bid, and I certainly hope he enjoys the novel; he paid enough for it. And I would like to thank everyone who made a bid for the novel. It’s really kind of humbling to have people willing to pay two grand for a book. Now, to be clear, I think that fact that the money went to the Charitable Service Trust meant it got a higher bid than it would have if the money was just going into my pocket. Even so.

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  1. It’s been too long since I’ve read a new Scalzi book. That, coupled with recipient of the money would’ve made me happy to drop 2k+ on Zoe’s Tale. If I had it..
    I need to start saving for the assumed bid on the Androids’s Dream sequel.

    Congratulations though Mr Thorsen.

  2. neutronjockey – Jeff Richard (J.K.Richard) a.k.a. the neutronjockey, is a former nuclear mechanic supervisor and medical officer recruiter for the U.S. Navy. He was honorably discharged from military service in January of 2006. In his civilian life he is a digital artist, leathercraftsman, and writer living in Tulsa, OK. Occaisionally he commits to research work for SF/F authors. Jeff is owned by a gray Maine Coon cat while at home and three awesome horses while at the barn. <a href="">I blog on LJ</a>

    Vet doc wins book for charity auction for disabled vets!

    Congratulations to Dr. Thorsen.

    …and as a disabled American veteran thank you Mr. Scalzi.

  3. Oi! Scalzi! That’s a book on the cat, not bacon. Next time, make sure you’ve got your props sorted by the first two letters, not just the first one.

  4. Thanks for bringing a smile to my gloomy Monday, John and Dr. Thorsen. I think it’s things such as this that makes this whole internet thing fun.

    Good work, you two.

  5. I woulda run up the bid, but the lottery fairy stiffed me again. (Congrats and respects to the winner.)

  6. changterhune – Before you hear lies from Chang Terhune himself, we thought we’d tell you the truth: without us, his old action figures, he’d be nowhere. He loved science fiction from way back and began reading it at an early age, but it was through us that he acted it all out. That’s what led to the writing. He watched a lot of science fiction shows like Star Trek, U.F.O, and movies, too. But we were always there to do his bidding. And it’s like they say: you always forget about the little people on your way up. Oh, the 70’s and early 80’s with him were good times! He’d use these blocks and make all the crazy buildings for us to be in his stories. I gotta say the kid’s imagination was pretty damn fertile. Oh, he had friends, but they just weren’t into it like him. He was like the Lance Armstrong of action figures. And of science fiction. At first, when he began writing in the eighth grade, we didn’t mind. He still made time for us. And we knew that when he was holding us in his sweaty little hands and he got that far off look in his eye, he’d come back to burying us in the back yard or - god forbid! – blowing us up with firecrackers. But it was worth it for a part in one of those stories. We loved him for it. He kept us around even when we were minus a leg or two - or even a head. In that mind of his, he found a use for all of us. Then he discovered girls. October, 1986. It was like the end of the world. One day we’re standing in the middle of this building block creation he’d pretended was some marble city on a planet near Alpha Centauri and the next we were stuck in a box in the closet. Not even a “See ya later!” Nope, it was into the closet, then we heard some high-pitched girly-giggles then silence. We didn’t see him for years. We got word about him once in a while. Heard he took up writing, but it was crap like “The Breakfast Club” only with better music. We couldn’t believe it. Not Charlie. What happened to those aliens with heads he’d sculpted out of wax? Spaceships? Those complex plots? All gone. For what? You guessed it: Girls. Emotions. “Serious fiction.” I tell you, it was like hearing Elvis had left the building. During our two decade exile in the closet, we heard other things about him. He went to college. He wrote a lot, but not much he really liked. We knew it even then. It was like he didn’t dare write science fiction. Some of us had lost hope and just lay there. Others kept vigil, hoping for a day we didn’t dare speak about. Then we heard he’d stopped writing in 1996. Did he come to reclaim us? No. He took up music for ten years or so. He took up yoga. Once in a while, he’d visit us in the closet. But it was half-hearted. His mind was elsewhere. Then one day, he really did come back for us. One second we’re in the dark and the next thing we know we’re in a car headed for Massachusetts. Suddenly we got a whole shelf to ourselves out in broad daylight! Then he bought a bunch of others form some planet called Ebay. He’d just sit and stare at us with that old look. But why were we suddenly back in the picture? He had a wife now, who didn’t mind that he played with us. So what had happened? Turns out he’d never forgotten about those stories. He’d been thinking about all of us and the stories he’d made up and then remembered he’d been a writer once. From the shelf we could see him typing away. Before long he’s got a whole novel together! Then he’s working on another one. Word is there are two more in the planning stages! Some short stories, too! It’s good to see him using his imagination again. Its good to know he never abandoned us. He returned to his true love of science fiction. We hear the stories are pretty good. Someday we’ll get one of the cats to score us a copy of the manuscript. Man, it’s good to be out of the damn closet! --- I'm smarter than you I'm harder than you I'm better than you I'm just raw I'm hotter than you More popular than you More clever than you And goshdarn it, people like me I'm smarter than you I'm harder than you I'm better than you I'm just raw I'm hotter than you More popular than you More clever than you And goshdarn it, people like me
    Chang at the gates!

    Woohoo!!! Nice work!!!

    Arglebargle does not look thrilled about who won it. Maybe he’s concerned he’ll get fixed twice!

  7. Dr. Thorsen and John,

    Major props to two classy guys. This shall go down in the Loaded with Awesome: Good News Department.


  8. Woot! Good job Mr Scalzi and Dr Thorsen DVM. This helps get rid of the nasty after taste of some of the posts regarding shaming the poor.

  9. O Great Scalzi, the Executive Committee is thrilled to see that the Beauteous Ghlaghghee approves of the winner of this auction. The fact that it was a DVM is clear and convincing evidence of Her Power and Influence.

    Actually, the Executive Committee is just plain thrilled to see such a wonderful picture of Her Magnificence. What captivating eyes that hold us so deep in thrall, what a languid pose that demonstrates Her Total Control of the Universe. Outstanding.

    However, the Executive Committee is not thrilled with Previous, Obsolete Chang’s misstatement of Her Sex. Clearly, Chang who is Not Chang is a much better replacement.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  10. Jimmy Thorsen and I went to the same high school. He used to sit in the back of English class and pick boogers and roll them in little balls and flick them at Emilie Miller and Messiah Arrington. Ugh.

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