Daily Archives: March 4, 2008

A Manuscript, Pocked With Red

Here’s the copyedit of Zoe’s Tale, which I will need to get through and see if I agree with where the copyeditor says I have gone horribly wrong. I’m sure she’s correct in all cases — even so, best if I eyeball it to make sure. But not today, since due to illness last week […]

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Yes I Can and Did

Yes, I voted today. On a Dieblod voting machine! No, really, I did. Fortunately, I had a USB drive with me. So now everyone in my precinct is voting for Ron Paul. That’s not a problem, is it? But yes. If you are in Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island or Vermont, please do your voting thang. […]

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The Big Idea: Jennifer Pelland

First, a thanks to the writers/editors/publicists who responded to the call for more Big Ideas — y’all rock. For everyone else, I got a lot of interest, and over the next few weeks, you should see an interesting mix of writers swing by here to share their ideas about their books. I know you’re a-quiver […]

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Things I Don’t Know About My Own Universe

Just got an e-mail from a reader who had two questions about the Old Man’s War universe: How many humans, solider and civilians, have been killed in the wars the Colonial Defense Forces has fought, and how many planets do the humans have under their control. My responses, respectively: Lots, and depends on the day. […]

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