Icy Ice

The same storm that knocked out my power for more than half a day also deposited a skating rink worth of ice onto my  yard. To be accurate, the water which would become the ice was already in the lawn because up until yesterday afternoon, the temperatures were in the 40s and 50s, and all the snow that was melting was being added to the rain that was raining, and thus: water in the part of my lawn the drains into the creek. It all froze last night. Temperatures are supposed to get slightly above freezing today and tomorrow, which means that if I’m lucky, some of this skate rink will actually melt and drain away. If not, it’ll be here at least through the weekend.

I hear rumor that spring is just around the corner. I’ll believe it when I see it.

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  1. wow! Shiney!

    I feel your pain. I live in Glens Falls, NY (60 miles north of Albany). We’ve been hammered pretty ruthlessly by mother nature as well.

    Global Warming, my ass…

  2. Well, if you want to talk about the weather, today in the great state of Western Australia the coldest minimum (7C) and the hottest maximum (44C) were in the same place.

  3. We actually got a little bit of snow here in Dallas. It’s all gone now, but the icy roads sure did create a mess with traffic (as it always does around here).

    Fortunately, we’re back to highs in the mid-60’s.

  4. Oh yeah, what Patrick M. said. Bike Week down here, at a chilly 75 degrees. Got to take out my leather jacket to cover my goosebumps:).

    Kidding aside, stay warm, Scalzi. I used to live in Athens County. I was always freezing during winter, no matter how many layers. OTOH, you don’t have to deal with too many bikers roaring up and down the rural roads!

  5. What do you mean, rumor? We’ve had daffodils for weeks. Even our new wisteria plant is starting to get into the act (although a cardinal ate most of the flowers trying to get at the seeds).

  6. Thank you so much for not stating this is a rebuttal to global warming.

    In my opinion freezing rain is worse than snow any day. It is harder to drive in, harder on trees and power lines, and frigging harder to scrape off the windshield.

    Y’know I wasn’t kidding about that voltage inverter . . .

  7. C = Celcius

    Its a balmy -6 C (21 F) here in Edmonton. It snowed a little on Monday but it’ll be gone by the weekend. I’m just happy we’re not getting hammered like they are/have been down east. Spring is definitely on its way.

  8. Got to hear all the trees’ branches coming down last night, both in the woods and banging against the house. And then this morning I get to drive past all the downed powerlines arching on the ground.

  9. We’re getting the ice now after rain and ice. The new puppy is not thrilled at being awoken from his sleeping pad to be carried outside, put on cold snow and forced to faire du potty while we encourage him. Like I dig it, Sparky. I get my kicks at night by sleeping!

  10. It’s fun, isn’t it? When I left for work at 7:30 this morning it was 60 degrees here in beautiful Jersey. I just went outside for a cigarette at 10:45 and it’s about 40 degrees now. It also rained like cats and dogs so there’s plenty of water on the ground that will be turning to ice soon…

  11. Mud? OMG, Central Ohio SPECIALIZES in mud this time of year. Nothing quite like trying to hose off a very excited German Shepherd before you go to work.
    It was ~65 deg. monday.

  12. Here in NE Kansas the weekend’s precip stopped before the temp dropped below freezing, and good thing it did. I live in a student neighborhood, which means that cleared sidewalks are the exception and not the rule…

  13. @1 and @14

    Global warming means more energy in the system means higher highs AND lower lows and generally more exciting weather all around.
    Nice try though.

  14. Nargel – You’re a little late to proScalinate with. And if that’s what it means, the naming is horrible.

    What about ‘Global Hot and Colding’?

  15. Because if/when the overswings finally restabilize, the average mean, and yes it will be mean, temperture will be severall crucial degrees higher.

    Like the Chili Peppers: “Hot, Hot, Hot.”

  16. I wonder what we would get with Global Sweet and Souring?
    An epidemic of Oriental take out?

  17. Virtual Ron @3: Kookaburras are in degrees Kelvin.

    Patrick@19: How about “Global moring”?

    And for our North American friends, 7-44C is 44-111F. That’s “reasonably chilly” to “damn hot”, although it would be a dry heat.

    Not many issues with ice here.

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