Deb Geisler makes an observation about today’s crop of science fiction writers, and then asks for your input.

14 Comments on “Arrrrrrrr”

  1. John, you have to admit that you would be one sexy pirate…

    The post above is made by an avowed heterosexual.

  2. I don’t know. Too much scurvy doesn’t look good on me. And I’m a fan of neither rum nor the lash, although some brands of sodomy (in the expansive sense of the term) I might be willing to tolerate.

  3. This is true, but there is something to be said for pirate treasure. Also, copious quantities of rum can make the less pleasant aspects of sodomy far more tolerable.

  4. Hey John, y’know, you WOULD look good with a parrot! I’ve got a Blue and Gold Macaw that I Would be more than happy to contribute! Just look for the box with the holes……

  5. Why not expand this meme to deceased writers? Mad Bob Howard has a nice ring to it. Red Dog Asimov? Of course it would have to be Lord DeCamp. He looked to classy for any other nickname.

  6. Cory Doctorow doesn’t look particularly pirate-ish, but he is an advocate of piracy, at least the digital kind. Unfortunately, he doesn’t drink rum, and I have no clue as to his views on sodomy.

  7. T’would be an honor to be a bit piratical. When asked as a child what I wanted to be when I grew up, I normally responded, “a Pirate or a Rock Star.” Hmmm, does that say something about my personality (screw authority)? Or, does it just mean that I like having long hair and distain bathing? Now that I am forty I am bald and have a phobia about being dirty. That is dirty in the sense of ‘not being clean’, not as in naughty. Life does take a toll. My high school years kicked the crap out of my independant streak, but it still rears its head on a regular basis.


  8. John, you do appear to give off quite a pirate vibe…you’re tracking third. (Charlie is still in the lead, indicating his piratical air isn’t just a figment of my perverse imagination.)

  9. Note that if you follow the pirate name generator that Deb has linked in her post, John Scalzi becomes, “Fish Breath Ian”.

  10. China Mieville looks a little pirate like also. Asimov, with those muttonchops, could have been a pirate.

  11. ” Jeremiah Gon 06 Mar 2008 at 1:02 pm

    Must add the obligatory and only slightly on-topic comment: pirates are SO much better than ninjas!”

    I don’t know. A little olive oil, some garlic and maybe a dab of wasabi and they taste pretty much the same.

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