Another Day Full of Joy

So, for today we have intermittent power outages (they’re shorter but more numerous), a winter storm warning with ten inches of snow expected by tomorrow and a daughter who possibly has strep throat.

Don’t expect great things here today, is what I’m saying.

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  1. Don’t get me started on the forcast….

    Sorry about the sick kid though, I always hate that. My daughter (12) caught the stomach flu a week or so ago and as she was doing the two ended tango, I said to her, “I really wish I could take over you.” She replied, ” That is what mommy said too.” I thought about that for a second and then said, “You are right, I wish it was her too!” She giggled and then I knew the sickness was starting to abate.

  2. Yeah, we just had ten days of coughing, hacking, sneezing, sniffling and feverish colds walk through our household one person at a time, and of course it was worst with the tiniest person.

    Yesterday was warm here, and I was just beginning to think that spring was approaching. Then I walk out to the car this morning to find that it was covered head to tire in frost, that I failed to move it last night, and subsequently had a $15 ticket this morning. I HATE alternate side parking. Another down side of living in town.

  3. AND the background is still pink. A more manly shade, a kind of darkish dusty rose, but definitely pink.

    We are also dealing with illness here, which we find ironic because it has been very springlike here (drove with the top down on the convertible for 3 days this week) and we thought we had escaped the winter season unscathed.

  4. When Sarah got back from Boskone she was sick with what we thought was strep, but it turned out to be the flu. I’ve decided that winter vacation week is actually stay home and be sick week. Hope she feels better soon and that the power stays on for a bit.

  5. WTB global warming. I got 3 inches of snow here yesterday in Dallas. In March. This is absolute craziness.

  6. Unsolicited advice from a former strep magnet: look for the white spots on the back of the throat; it’s like the post office Wanted poster for strep. And finish all of your antibiotics, ’cause if you think strep hurts the first time, you do not want the rebound.

    And, Dean, I just heard a Pogue’s song on the way to work. You could add to your description: “Salmon with no teeth and a bloody nose.”

  7. Get a generator and a big gas or propane tank for it. Add a satellite uplink. Then bring in a nurse/caretaker for the sick ones. (Or train your wife to handle the girly stuff like housework, cooking, and caring for the sick. Good luck there, though. I’ve been training mine for 30 years and I’m still doing the dishes. One of us has a flat learning curve.)

    The point is, technology exists to prevent us, your readership, from being deprived of your e-presence. Since we are the center of our universe, it behooves you to use such techology and avoid depriving us of the little pleasures in our worlds – things like reading your blog.

  8. For years I got strep throat 2 or 3 times every winter. This went on for maybe 25 years. She has my sympathy.

  9. We were supposed to get 5-9 inches of the white stuff, but now we’re forecasted to only get around 1 inch. I don’t know whether to feel lucky or disappointed. (I do love a good storm.) I will certainly be less inconvenienced this weekend.

    Hope Athena is feeling better soon.

  10. Stan,

    Keep doing the dishes. No woman ever shot a man while he was doing dishes. I’m just saying.

    Changing gears – I heard once that the antibiotic for strep is really to prevent it from turning into rheumatic fever which can be nasty. It is nice the antibiotic relieves the sore throat too. Sometimes even pets can be the carriers and display no symptoms but repeatedly infect the family.

    And now to third gear – color rendition on monitors is always tricky. I’ve played games on multiple home computers and know that the monitors sitting side by side will display different hues of the same color which is sort of a contradiction in terms but there you go.

    For what it’s worth my monitor is showing the salmon color as a little darker and less orange than the fish flesh. Dusty rose would be a bit better description, or maybe halfway between salmon and burgundy. Oh great, now I’m hungry!

  11. JR Peck –

    y’know, that M1 protein looks almost exactly like the ever-tangled handset cord on my cheap phone. The one that invariably makes callers ask if I’m coming down with something…

    That’s it. I’m calling a telephone sanitizer today.

  12. Yeah, but the only ice cream we have here is Glass Shard Ripple. Not so good for the throat.

  13. It might not be strep. Unfortunately, strep is the option you want in this case. At least it can be attacked with antibiotics.

    There’s some kind of viral crud going around this winter that acts a lot like strep and takes forever to go away. As in multiple weeks, not multiple days.

    Either that or I’m allergic to February.

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