Taking the Weekend Off From the Internet

You know. Just to see what that would be like.

See you Monday.

17 Comments on “Taking the Weekend Off From the Internet”

  1. First post! er…Natalie Portman!….er…hot grits!

    Sorry, wrong comment site…

    Anyway, I know what you mean, my 8 year old daughter just started antibiotics for strep throat on Thursday. Strange world.

    Oh, why is it that kids get crappy tasting liquid antibiotics and adults get caplets?

    Hope she is feeling better soon, Kennedy is feeling much better since we got the Wii!


  2. Ha! Pick a weekend without a sick kid, severe winter weather and a backlog of work due to power failures and maybe your faithful and jaded Whatever readers will be impressed. Maybe.

    And why does your claim to giving up the Internet for the weekend make me think of Lloyd Bridges in Airplane? (grin)

    Dr. Phil

  3. What are we to do now??!!!!

    Ehr, have fun. Seriously. It’ll be interesting to see if the collective productivity of SF writers goes up when you’re not blogging.

  4. Ahh. The canonical Radiohead video: Yorke looking like a dazzled fetus, Greenwood looking unspeakably dishy.

    Sounds pretty, too.

  5. Go on the Internet or nurse a sick kid. A grumpy, bossy, addle-pated nine year old going through the first stages of the hormonal disruption known as puberty, with strep throat dumped on her like she’s some bacterium’s chew toy. Like there’s a choice.

    No folks, John is not taking a break from the Internet, he’s nursing a little girl. When you’ve got a job like that you need some time to relax.

    John, you read this here’s a suggestion for you; at least once during the weekend take down an old book of stories around Athena’s bed time, and read one of her old favorites to her as she nods off. Should help ease her worries.

  6. I know I’m probably in the minority here. I’m probably missing some deeper understanding. I know the old adage about people in glass houses, and I have been know to have some pretty questionable musical taste. I have to say, though, that Radiohead bores the shit out of me. There is absolutely nothing in that song (or most of their others) that excites or stimulates the pleasure receptors in my musical brain. To be fair, they don’t really offend, either. They’re just…blah.

    Sorry to be the contrarian. I just don’t get it.

  7. John,

    Find a soft lightweight blanket, wrap your daughter in it and find the Daddy rocker, hold her and rock her and tell her little secrets that you have never told anyone else. Let her know that you care and Love her and that her hurts and illness will go away.

    This is the BEST way to spend a non-internet weekend. Mom will undestand and give you all the support that she can.

    Hope Athena feels better soon.

  8. What do you mean “off” the Internet? I know you’re a science fiction guy, but that’s just crazy talk. There is no “off.”

  9. Given what I saw of the NWS radar today, John may not have a choice in whether or not to be “off” the internets ;)

  10. What!? You’re not entertaining me? Damn it man, I need my fix!!

    Just kidding of course. Take care of your kid and/or enjoy yourself.


  11. John turns the internet off and we have a major snowstorm go through the midwest and was very bad in Ohio. Coincidence or unintended consequence?

  12. It’s Monday now!

    (Sits around tapping a foot.)

    Huh. No one here. Must’ve not changed to DST.

    Go figure. (grin)

    Dr. Phil