Roll For Initiative

Charles Stross combines the dusky chocolate of US presidential politics with the crunchy peanut butter of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons for one of those instant classic blog posts that is going to get Boing Boinged and Digged and Farked all to hell and back. Hope your server’s up to it, Charlie.

18 Comments on “Roll For Initiative”

  1. Damn.

    I had an honest-to-God sphincter-clenching physical reaction to the idea of McClain having Santorum as his running mate, dying and us getting a President Santorum.

    Jeez, as if daylights savings time and a Monday weren’t bad enough, he had to scare the hell out of me, too.

  2. John, you reveal the true depth of your commitment to The Dork Side by recognizing that it is, in fact Advanced D&D, and not this “third edition” or whatever it is they’re up to these days.

  3. Bill Moyers (PBS) did his last show on McCain. I didn’t know much about him except the brave-and-tortured-in-Viet-Nam thing. But good god, that show was eye opening and the prospect of a McCain win was gut-wrenchingly frightening. McCain’s pre-911 views on pre-emptive war make Bush-Cheney seem like pikers.

    Bill Moyers always has super-interesting shows. Intelligent conversations with knowledgable guests. If you haven’t caught him yet, give him a try.

  4. I’m amazed the anaylsis didn’t show what armor class Hillary’s pants suits carry. There has to be a reason for them, are they truth resistent?

  5. Mark Terry,

    My pet peeve – Daylight Saving Time. No plurals. Sorry for being picky.

    Other trivia – Zone Improvement Plan (zip code). Whip Inflation Now (cheesy political button). Electronic Industries Alliance Registered Standard (EIA-RS232 et al).

  6. Freaking hell! I had the exact same idea this morning, only to find that someone else already went ahead and did a better job with it. Hate it when that happens.

  7. Heh, and for those of us hard right-wingers, it’s the thought of the VP taking over that’s the only thing that gives us hope. Otherwise he’s about as liberal as you’re going to get on the Republican side.

  8. Skip

    Otherwise he’s about as liberal as you’re going to get on the Republican side.

    Now stop.

    Need I point out Arlan Specter? George Voinovich? Lincoln Chafee?

    I think all of these are to the Left of McCain

  9. Frank@11, what I meant was ‘he’s about as liberal as could possibly win the nomination, and considerably more liberal than I thought was possible’, but I can see how I was unclear on my phrasing. And while I’ll grant you Specter, McCain’s been to the left of Voinovich the last few years. Based on ACU ratings, McCain’s rating since 2002? 75.2. Voinovich? 75.6.

    Chafee? Not a Republican so doesn’t count. He never really was, but he made it official.

  10. Well, Charlie’s post has indeed been BoingBoinged, as you predicted. I don’t follow Fark or Pigg, so no idea what’s going on there.

    It’s a great post, though!

  11. I love this story. I left CompuServe just a few months before the AOL buyout. 18 months later (just a few months after your layoff) I got fired from the job I went to… Had a similar reversal of fortunes, except son #1 had already arrived. That put a little speed in my step!

    Amazing how life turns, isn’t it?

  12. Um… How did this end up here? Sigh. And to think, I’m actually supposed to be good with computers.

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