Things One Doesn’t Need to Hear From One’s Offspring

First in a no doubt continuing series:

“You know, daddy, if you had just a little more hair up top, you’d look just like Ned Flanders.”

Maybe this Ned Flanders:

Otherwise, you know. I’ll pass.

24 Comments on “Things One Doesn’t Need to Hear From One’s Offspring”

  1. For a while, my dad’s students called him Flanders. It’s not that big a deal.

    I am amused, however, to think that the two of you might resemble each other. (And, apparently, Ned Flanders)

  2. Ups.

    Thinking back to my nascent pearls of…something, I’m infinitely grateful for the lack of blogging-technology way back then.

  3. So if not Ned Flanders, what famous person, other than SF author John Scalzi, do you look like?

  4. Perhaps she meant Ned Flanders in his Streetcar Named Desire appearance, which sadly seems not to have any easily located instances that I could point you to.

    Flanders, like Groundskeeper Willie, takes off his shirt and turns into a veritable icon of manly beauty.

    Or she could be messing with your head.

  5. That’s funny. I’ve been telling my dad for years that he looks just like Mr. Burns.

  6. I always considered Flanders’ ‘stache more of a pushbroom style than a pornstashe – with John Holmes and the Hedgehog having the genre-defining pornstashes.

  7. You share many things with dear Ned.

    Both of you love your offspring.

    Both of you would never sacrifice a household animal to an off world demon.

    Er…you still have three cats, right?

  8. So, this morning at breakfast my 9-year-old, who had been looking at the front page, asked me to define ‘hypocrisy’, ‘prostitution’, ‘engulf’, and to tell him how people get prosecuted. Thanks, Governor Spitzer.

  9. Mr. Burns: Who is that cloven-hooved chap? I like the cut of his jib.

    Smithers: That’s the Prince of Darkness John Scalzi, Sir. He’s your eleven o’clock.

  10. Look on the bright side John, at least she didn’t say that you reminded her of Adam West’s “Mayor” character on Family Guy. You see, it could have been worse, much much worse…