Daily Archives: March 14, 2008

WordPress Features: The Addination!

I’m fiddling with the site a bit, and adding a couple of features I’ve been asked for. So far, here’s what’s new: * I’ve added an Archives section over in the sidebar, to make it easier to access entries from previous months and years. Note that the archive only covers entries created through WordPress (i.e. […]

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Fun With Flats

One of my favorite bits of bookseller marketing is the Mass Market Paperback Flat, which publishers send along to bookstores a few months in advance of the paperback release. Here you see the flat for The Last Colony, which is imminently headed toward paperback. I like them because among other things, it’s the actual cover […]

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Various & Sundry 3/14/08

Some stuff: * Josh Marshall pegs the salient nature of the whole Geraldine Ferraro/Obama thing: At a certain point I realized that for all the ancillary nonsense Ferraro is simply not capable of seeing Obama’s campaign as anything but an African-American favorite son candidacy. Once you get that everything seems to fall into place. Yup. […]

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