Daily Archives: March 17, 2008

I Have the Ears of a Teenager, and Boy, Do the Police Have Questions For Me

I don’t usually do quizzes online, but this one made me curious: What’s the highest tone you can hear? You are the typical teenager You can hear the frequency of the mosquito teen repellent – but probably not for much longer! The highest pitched ultrasonic mosquito ringtone that I can hear is 17.7kHz Find out […]

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And What Came in the Mail Today, Scalzi?

I’m glad you asked! 1. The SWFA Election Ballot — The whole mailing package included the ballot, an envelope for the ballot (which we are not supposed to seal), a cover letter which has to be returned with the ballot, an envelope for ballot, ballot envelope and cover letter, and a six page mailing with […]

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Possibly the Most Terrifying Headline of the Week

From the MSNBC Web site: BREAKING NEWS: Bush says administration is ‘on top of the situation’ in dealing with the economy¬† Yes, I have no doubt they will handle this with all the competence and confidence-inspiring action we’ve come to expect from this crew over the last seven years. If anyone needs me, I’ll be […]

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An A to Z of Irish Culture

As most of you have noted by now, I’ve greened up the Whatever to help celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. But as most of you didn’t know, technically, this year St. Patrick’s Day was last Saturday — the Vatican moved it up a couple of days to avoid conflicting with Holy Week. However, today is still […]

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