Why is John Scalzi happy? Because he has tickets to see both Eddie Izzard and Yaz(oo) later this year. No, not on the same day, although that would be kind of cool, wouldn’t it.

Honestly, I feel awash in my Brit-o-phile-osity-ness.

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  1. Me=Jealous.

    I have to go out to Ohio to close up offices around that time in Cinci and Cleveland. I might have to schedule it the same time Eddie Izzard’s gonna be up in Cinci.

    As of today, playhouse still has some great seats avail.

  2. Thanks for the heads up about Eddie. Less than five minutes after reading this post, I too am clutching a ticket confirmation email printout in my hot little hands. (Or I would be, if my printer wasn’t broken, but that doesn’t sound as dramatic.)

    Much love for Eddie. (I particularly enjoyed his Mongrel Nation series on Britain. Teh Awesomesauce.)

  3. When you mentioned Eddie and Scooby Doo the other day, I had to hit up YouTube and watch his entire show in San Francisco again. He and I share a brain when it comes to thoughts on religion. ;-)

  4. I had the incredible fortune to see him in the mid 90s in London. Are you coming to his Ann Arbor performance?

  5. I was just informed that I would be seeing him as part of the group trip that Anne M is organizing. (Literally. Joe just called and told me.)

  6. Wait, Yazoo are playing out again? When did that happen? Man. Vince Clarke eff tee dub.

  7. …oh, which is certainly not to diminish the mighty vocal talents of Alison Moyet, who has an amazing voice.

  8. I saw Eddie on the Circle tour in LA a few years ago. Very funny. Andy Dick was there and my friend got a picture with him. Then we waited outside for Eddie and I believe we saw him briefly.

    That same year I saw The Kids in the Hall live performance. Good year for comedy.

  9. Jealous I am! I do love Eddie Izzard and have always though him to be the ideal boyfriend, someone you could share your clothes with! A bit too much make-up sometimes but oh so very very funny.
    Recently discovered here, the poetry of Hovis Presley, sharp word whit and wisdom, sadly dead now, but there was a wonderful program about him on BBC Radio 4 this week and if you are lucky you may still be able to catch it on Listen Again. If not his one and only book is called Poetic Offliscence. Wonderful stuff.

  10. My wife and I are going to see Eddie on Mar 31st in Dallas. We are completely psyched to see the show. Ever since seeing “Dressed to Kill” we’ve been the hugest fans.

    Does spending over $100 on two tickets make us superfans, a la your earlier post?

  11. Can I go with you?

    I wonder if there’s any correlation between the taste of an author and the taste of his readers … is it a coincidence that many of us like both, too?

  12. Over $100 means you didn’t get “back of the upper balcony” seats in my showing. Which is sold out, just to continue my whining.

  13. Well, thanks for making me think of Eddie Izzard, but now I need to kick myself in the head because I missed his gigs in London and now he’s playing in the States and I’m living in Berlin. But I will definitely put his site on my reader, so I can catch him here: it seems like Dressed to Kill is all I can ever see and he’s too funny to miss the opportunity to see live.
    Btw, as you are determining why people buy new authors, my husband (a basically non-fiction reader whom I have dragged to Eastercon with me) heard Charlie Stross speak and thought he was so funny and so intelligent that he went to the Dealer’s room and bought two books. He’s reading one (The Atrocity Archives) now. I felt the same about your books after I heard you speak some years ago on a panel with Cory Doctorow and others (Boskone, perhaps, or Worldcon?)

    Another btw, last night I caught another comedian named Lee Evans and he was so funny that occasionally I couldn’t breathe because I was laughing too hard.

  14. Thanks for the tip, John – he’s playing the Chicago Theater in May, and I just used the convenient Ticketmaster link (only $42 in convenience fees for four tickets! Plus $2.50 to print my own tickets! Plus $3.15 order processing fee! Plus $3 facility charge! Of which the artist gets $0!) to buy our tickets.

    We missed him the last time he came through town, but not this time, thanks to Whatever.

  15. By he, of course, I meant Eddie Izzard. Sorry for the ambiguous use of the pronoun — living in a plague house makes your brain all swiss-cheesy.

  16. Yaz or Yazoo? Two different acts – one tall, blonde and with just one hit (The only way is up), the other . . . well, none of the above.

    I only ask because I once bought tickets for a gig I was certain was Little Village (Ry Cooder, John Hiatt, et al) and wound up watching Crowded House.

  17. ZOMFG!!! JFC!!!

    Yaz reunites and no one tells me?! To this day I smart at the sound of their music as much as I swoon for its ability to endear Marianne Stillwagon to me (for just a few moments anyway).

    Hey who’s jealous that Vince Clarke lives an hour away from me and shops at my local Whole Foods?

    Eddy Izzard ain’t nothing to poke a stick at either. Er, uh… I mean, he’s way cool. But I don’t think he could have gotten me closer to Marianna Stillwagon back in ’85 as well as Yaz.

  18. As a die-hard Erasure (and by extension, Yaz/Yazoo, Andy Bell and Family Fantastic fan), I’m a bit jealous.

    I’m not able to see Yaz in NYC…

  19. Thanks for the pointer… tix go on sale for the left-coastian subset of Leftpondia next month.

    Oh, that’s for Yazoo, of course. No dis intended for Eddy I., but meh– I’m sorry, what was your name?

    What do you ****ing mean, you’re out of cake?!?

  20. This will be my second Eddie show that I will be seeing live. This time, I’m tempted to show up wearing depends so that if I have to pee myself, I can hang on to a little of my dignity.

  21. I’ll be at the Eddie Izzard show in Columbus, too! If our paths cross, I’ll purchase for you the beverage of your choice.