My Online Social Life

It occurs to me that at this point I have a lot of memberships on the various “Social Web” sites out there, and that it might be worth it to make a widget to point to those memberships for folks who have any interest in linking to me on those sites. So, in the far right sidebar, you’ll now see a “Socially Speaking” widget, with links to my profiles on these sites. Do what you will with the information.

Round These Here Parts, We Just Eat Them

Horrible doings a-transpiring, involving chocolate bunnies.


I just got a Twitter account (screenname: scalzi) so any of you Twitterphiles who want to add me to your friends lists (or whatever they call them on Twitter), feel free.

Kindles and Owning Your eBooks

At this very moment (10:41 am, 3/23/08), Old Man’s War is #2 on Amazon’s Kindle Store Science Fiction bestseller list; only Slaughterhouse Five stands between it and glory. That’s all right, though; Kurt’s a Chicago alum. I can spot him the top seed. As noted before, I haven’t the slightest idea what a high Kindle Store ranking means in terms of actual sales; I suppose I’ll have to wait until my late 2008 royalty report to find out. But it’s nice to see the eBooks are presumably doing okay by me.

Apropos to this, here’s an article which notes that there’s some debate about whether by buying Old Man’s War or any other book electronically, you actually own the book, or if you just own a license to display the book on your eBook reader. Well, I’m just the author and copyright owner, so it’s not like my opinion matters too much around these here parts. But personally I’m of the opinion that if you’ve paid for the eBook, you own it, and can do whatever you like with it, up to and including giving it to someone else when you’re done with it (hopefully, if you do that, you’ll only do it once, as opposed to making hundreds of copies for everyone you know. That I consider, well, you know, wrong).

Now, whether what I think will make a difference to the people selling the eBooks is up for debate. But just in case anyone asks, that’s where I stand on the matter.

Happy Chocolate Lagomorph Consumption Day

Remember that by law you are required to start with the ears.