Daily Archives: March 23, 2008

My Online Social Life

It occurs to me that at this point I have a lot of memberships on the various “Social Web” sites out there, and that it might be worth it to make a widget to point to those memberships for folks who have any interest in linking to me on those sites. So, in the far […]

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Round These Here Parts, We Just Eat Them

Horrible doings a-transpiring, involving chocolate bunnies.

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I just got a Twitter account (screenname: scalzi) so any of you Twitterphiles who want to add me to your friends lists (or whatever they call them on Twitter), feel free.

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Kindles and Owning Your eBooks

At this very moment (10:41 am, 3/23/08), Old Man’s War is #2 on Amazon’s Kindle Store Science Fiction bestseller list; only Slaughterhouse Five stands between it and glory. That’s all right, though; Kurt’s a Chicago alum. I can spot him the top seed. As noted before, I haven’t the slightest idea what a high Kindle […]

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Happy Chocolate Lagomorph Consumption Day

Remember that by law you are required to start with the ears.

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