Happy Chocolate Lagomorph Consumption Day

Remember that by law you are required to start with the ears.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

14 replies on “Happy Chocolate Lagomorph Consumption Day”

There was a great B. Kliban cartoon that had some fellow seated amid a decapitated horde of chocolate rabbits that something to the effect of “Norm lived in Vermont, where he ate only the heads of chocolate rabbits.”

I read that 25 years ago and I’ve never looked at chocolate bunnies the same since.

Ears first? You are scum. How could you torture those bunnies that way? I have always subscribed to the moral code that animal crackers should always be eaten head first so they don’t suffer. I’m sure that there is some applicable corollary with regards to eating chocolate bunnies.

Thanks for listening (to the voices in my head),

President of PETCA
(People for the ethical treatment of confectionary animals)

Several years back, some friends of mine got a limited edition (rats) “Rocky Flats Bunny.” Rocky Flats is a former nuclear facility to the west of Denver. The bunny had a coating of edible, shimmery electric blue… and it had three ears. Two together and one flopped over.

I really, really wish they’d chosen to make that bunny more than one year.

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