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It occurs to me that at this point I have a lot of memberships on the various “Social Web” sites out there, and that it might be worth it to make a widget to point to those memberships for folks who have any interest in linking to me on those sites. So, in the far right sidebar, you’ll now see a “Socially Speaking” widget, with links to my profiles on these sites. Do what you will with the information.

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  1. Also claimID at where you can set up a “link resume” as they call it. There’s a WordPress widget that will display the last N entries you’ve made there. I just use it as a list of my profile pages at various sites, since I can’t remember them all, lol.

  2. I worry, sometimes, about the # of social networking sites that I belong to. Mainly because it’s so easy for me to get really involved in those things that I know I’ll just spend all day on them and never get a damn thing done. When I first got on MySpace it was just to connect with high school friends. then there I was obsessing about who to put in my top 8. And even when I become casually involved in some of them, i feel this compulsion to make a mark there, even though it will do nothing for me, int he long run. But it’s because I look around and see people on the sites so damn INVESTED in what’s going on. Like ficlets, or even yelp.

    I was feleing all high and mighty about my ability to resist such siren calls until i remembered that LJ is a social networking site. sigh… I will never escape.

  3. Your LinkedIn profile is not visible to users not in your network. I don’t know if you want it to be, but if so there is probably some setting which changes that.

  4. I’ve been using the beta of socialthing! to keep track of Twitter, Pownce, Flickr, digg and Facebook updates all in one place. It’s beta, but wow, it’s got some real promise. Now I just post once, and it goes everywhere, including my blog. Very, very nifty.

  5. Odd, I was just thinking of doing the same sort of thing on my (nearly abandoned) blog.

    It is getting to the point where most of my online presence is captured on some select sites, along with the usual assortment of random drive-by comments on blogs.


    I know some work was done to come up with a way to aggregate such comments, but hanging out with a few LJ people and random comments on Twitter is really where I do most of the shrinking amount of online living I do.

    Unfortunately, the way I use such sites does not match up with the people I know very well. That is to say, my online life is a bit like the IM mini-crisis we all just went through, with some friends being on this network, others on that other one. For example, few people I actually know will bother with Twitter.

    Not that this is a big deal, I guess. If one plotted a Venn diagram of interpersonal connections before the rise of the online self, I suspect the separation and overlap would look rather similar.

  6. [Against my better judgment…]

    Nice, drive-by thread-jacking, Tony.

    While I feel that if god didn’t exist we’d have to create her, I mostly have the same response to assertions of burninating in hell:

    “O God, please deliver me from your most ardent believers.”

    (Or this is very subtle prank, and I’ve fallen for it, hook, line and crucifix.)

    See? None of this will ever end up on my blog. The best I can hope for is that lizcase will see this comment and know it is me. (*waves*)

  7. I’m 3 links away from you on Linked In. Linked In doesn’t tell me the spot in the middle…all I can see is me, the guy I know who has like 5000000000 connections, a blank spot (“John’s connections” it sez), and then you.

    Of course, since my friend has so many connections, I’m probably connected to the whole planet in 3 links. ;-) The question is, can I get to Kevin Bacon through you and still keep it to 6 links….

  8. I was going to friend you on Facebook but now that I know that those are not Easter M&Ms I will do no such thing.

    The dark chocolate Ms are to die for.

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