Round These Here Parts, We Just Eat Them

Horrible doings a-transpiring, involving chocolate bunnies.

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By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

25 replies on “Round These Here Parts, We Just Eat Them”

Isn’t there something in the Geneva Convention about mistreatment of Chocolate Easter Bunnies? Shouldn’t PETA be notified!?! …and NO, I don’t mean People Eating Tasty Animals! The Other PETA, dammit!
That was just sick.
Wow! Did you see the way the rabbit’s head just blew right off?
Sick, I tell you.

Has anyone shared with you yet the plight of the Cadbury Eggs?

If you go to , pull down the light shade, and choose “fantasies”. You have your choice of seeing how this holiday season is affecting the psyches of the poor, poor eggs. (Think Jonestown, only messy. And with music.)

I love that the heat lamp melted the bunny’s face like the Arc of teh Covenant melted the Nazi’s face.
MMmmmmm… Chocolate Nazis…
No, wait.

Purely in the interest of balanced reporting, I for one would pay actual money to see Revenge of the Chocolate Bunnies featuring people herded or kicked into bubbling vats of chocolate to drown and/or parboil. Extra points if the lagomorphs bite their chocolate-coated ears off afterward.

Miles Archer #16: My sympathies go out to your daughter’s friend. I hope she will learn from this how sick people can be — and when it’s time to take appropriate measures.

Someone with more know-how than I needs to slow down the face-melting finale to “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and set it to the mellow “la la la” music from the bunny video.

Then, and only then, will the acid trip be complete.

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