After a Certain Point the Photoshopping Became Inevitable

Lovingly dedicated to Wil Wheaton. If you have to ask why, it’s probably best you don’t know.

23 Comments on “After a Certain Point the Photoshopping Became Inevitable”

  1. And I’m imagining this King Ghidrah-like sound as well.
    In addition, I’ve lost minutes of my life watching videos thanks to Wil’s blog.
    So, you’ve got the Mecha-Bears beat but what’s your Zombie Plan?

  2. The LOL is funny. But the picture itself? Bah. All dogs do that after the wasabi rawhide strips.

  3. Well, indeed, you should see what shoots out of there.

    Lasers and photon torpedoes come out the front. Land mines are deployed from the aft weapons port. Everybody knows that.

  4. The Kodi Fan Club appreciates the picture. It’s obvious she is very protective of the Scalzi compound, especially when mecha-bears are involved.

  5. Darn it. Now I can’t get out of my mind the hope that a future Scalzi novel will involve a scene where a special forces team of Akitas with lasers fight off alien Mecha-Bears with cannons. I can see something like that happening in Harry Creek’s life. For some reason the Akitas all talk with Russian accents, too. Does this mean it’s time I stop taking NyQuil during the day?

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