Daily Archives: March 25, 2008

Voyage to Journey Planet

Last week I was interviewed by fanzine editor James Bacon for Journey Planet, the official fanzine of EasterCon, on the subject of fanzines and being nominated for the Best Fan Writer Hugo last year. Unbeknownst to the good Mr. Bacon, at the time we were talking I knew I was also nominated for Best Fan […]

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So Insanely Jealous

Phil Plait (of the Bad Astronomy blog) is getting an asteroid named after him. I’m so jealous I think my head might just explode. Congratulations, Phil, you lousy bastard. Note to astronomers: if you happen to have any unnamed asteroids lying around you want to name after me, you just let me know. I don’t […]

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Double Whammy

A depressing little story in the Columbus Dispatch: Almost one in ten Ohioans receives food stamps, and thanks to rising food costs (one presumes both because of rising transport costs and the fact that everyone’s planting corn for ethanol now, rather than food crops) that $1 per meal per person doesn’t go anywhere as far […]

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Tuesday Pimpery, 3/25/08, Plus a Open Pimp Thread

I’m in the mood for promotion, both in the “self” and “other” flavors, so here we go: * First, the final print edition of Subterranean magazine is available for pre-order, and for Old Man’s War completists, it includes the magazine debut of “Questions for a Soldier,” my short story which was previously only in chapbook […]

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