Voyage to Journey Planet

Last week I was interviewed by fanzine editor James Bacon for Journey Planet, the official fanzine of EasterCon, on the subject of fanzines and being nominated for the Best Fan Writer Hugo last year. Unbeknownst to the good Mr. Bacon, at the time we were talking I knew I was also nominated for Best Fan Writer this year, but because the nominations had not been officially announced I had to keep mum about it. So when he asked questions like “would you like to be nominated for Best Fan Writer again?” I had to pretend like I hadn’t been, yet. Cognitive dissonance is a funny thing. Sorry, James. I would have told you if I could have.

In any event, it’s a pretty good interview, and all of Journey Planet is well worth reading (and looking at, since it features sketches by Neil Gaiman), and you can get the PDF version of the zine here. My interview begins on page 21.

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  1. “…your cat is both a mammal and a carnivore” is made of bacon-wrapped awesome. I wish more people could wrap their heads around this simple but important concept.

    Does anyone else get a kick out of John doing an interview with a magazine called “Journey Planet,” knowing what we know about certain characters in the OMW universe?

  2. Wil said: “Does anyone else get a kick out of John doing an interview with a magazine called “Journey Planet,” knowing what we know about certain characters in the OMW universe?”

    Yes, and also that he was interviewed by someone with the name Bacon.

  3. Great, now by some clever word association, I am now singing, “Don’t stop…”

    “…believin!” to myself.

    Thanks for that. No, really. I mean it.


  4. John: this isn’t about this post, but it is about the blog. Whenever I go to the comments and then try to return to the main blog by clicking on the back button, it takes me to March 21. It’s been doing that for several days now, so I wonder: does anyone else have this problem, or is it just one of the Really Weird Things that happen to me when I interact with a computer?

    (By far the weirdest happened several years ago when we moved to new offices; my computer insisted on sending some of my email to the printer in the old office, which was several blocks away. At one point I had the entire IT department clustered around my desk trying to figure out what was going on and how to stop it — with no success, I’m afraid. It did stop eventually, I think when the old printer was sent home to the company it was leased from.)

  5. “Some blogs of that description are , , and
    . ”
    Was this a formatting problem or the written equivelent of “Oh, I have to pick and chose my three favourite blogs? Why they’re [mumble mumble mumble]

  6. Ellen:

    It’s just you. You might clear out your Web cache and double-check the URL. And sacrifice a Mountain Dew to the angry computer gods.


    Yeah, I don’t know what happened there. I had pointed out DeepGenre, The Inferior 4 + 1, and one other group blog which currently escapes the mind as examples of what I thought were ‘zine-like presentations.


    Yeah, I noticed that, but what can you do. I’ve been trying to buy for a while, but the people who have it won’t sell it to me.

  7. Thanks, John; emptying the cache solved the problem. I’m disappointed in a way; I’d hoped to have something new for my collection of Computer Weirdness.

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