Another Travel Day

This time I’m traveling through Saturday; pretty sure I’ll be checking in on a semi-regular basis, however. I’ll be posting a Big Idea piece either later today or tomorrow, as well (and then, I think, more than one next week — I have a lot of early April releases to highlight).

In the meantime, get your requests in for Reader Request Week! Because how can I dance like a monkey for you if you won’t throw me peanuts?

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

8 replies on “Another Travel Day”

I read that as “I’m time traveling to Saturday” and thought that sounded like a perfectly reasonable thing for a science fiction author to do. Can you tell I just woke up?

I’m not seeing you on the list of “Pros” as WisCon this year. Are you planning any convention attendance within, say, 500 miles of Madison this year?

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