And only five hours late!

I wish I could be more interesting about it, but it’s late and the hotel bed is calling to me, muffled though its voice may be under a vasty mountain of pillows.

More later, although posting Friday will be scarce because I will mostly be in meetings. Yes, I am doing vaguely grown-up stuff. But only vaguely.

13 Comments on “Landed”

  1. You know, back until around 10 years ago I flew on commercial airlines once or twice a year, and hardly ever had a delayed flight or lost luggage. Then, after not flying for a long time, I made 3 trips in the last year, and *every single time the flight was delayed/cancelled, or they lost my luggage, or both*. And, other people I know who fly frequently (in one case, pretty much every week) say that for the last several months, *they have not had a single flight go without a hitch*. Is the airline industry coming apart at the seams or something? Or was I just lucky before?

  2. Vaguely grown-up? Does that mean you wear something other than sneakers on your feet?

  3. Careful, John. You start doing vaguely grown up stuff, and next thing you know, ties will start winding themselves around your neck five days a week. Your sense of humor becomes stunted, and eventually we have to send someone around to revoke your geek card. I suggest jumping on the bed a few times just because.

  4. Is it true that flights in and out of O’hare are generally scary? The one time I flew in I could sense the pilot having a tough time trying to get us in despite the winds off the lake. it almost seemed like he cut the engines at one point and just dove us towards the runway. And leaving was the opposite, as if he just opened the engines up full bore until we we so high up the winds couldn’t get us.

    In general, I hate flying. Flying into Chicago seems like salt on the wound.

  5. Brett L:

    Ironically, the last time I wore ties five days a week was in high school, when I was many things, but grown-up was not one of them.

  6. Chang in pain,

    I’m not totally sure but I think the coasting-in and rocketing-out are required by noise abatement ordinances.

    Blame the people who built homes near the existing airport and then complained about the noise.

    John, since you are vaguely grownup do you still check under the hotel mattress for pron?

    No need to answer here of course.

  7. John, just be glad you were only 5 hours late. My brother-in-law came to Chicago yesterday and arrived 12 hours late.

    @Chang, I live in Chicago and have _never_ had a problem flying out of O’hare. I don’t know if I’m just incredibly lucky, or if you only hear about how bad it is because they people who have good experiences don’t blog about it. :)

  8. @ Chang,

    A lof of it has to do with noise ordinances and abatements.

    The worst is Orange County, in California. There, planes cannot start theie engines until 7AM, so planes that are loaded prior to that are towed to the apron.

    Then, depending on how the wind is swirling around, if you take off towards the hills, you go into about a 40 degree climb, bank, and then in the middle of this maneuver, the engines rev down. If you didn’t know any better, you’d swear something was going wrong.


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