This time, I didn’t even have to get to Chicago before I was delayed! This time for four hours! At least! Go me!

At least I was first in line for rebooking.

How are you?

Oh, Look, Another Travel Day

I love being places. The getting there? Eh, not so much. But since teleportation is still science fiction (thanks so much, engineers), I still have to be shipped around in moving boxes and flying tubes. So, more travel for me today. I may pop in again if I am once again stranded in Chicago, as I fully expect to be.

Remember that there’s still time to get in questions for Reader Request Week; drop them here. Feel free to ask questions other than about writing, incidentally; I’ll probably answer one or two writing-related questions, but I really have more fun with the questions I’m not actually expecting on a regular basis.

And now, to eat some left over pad thai from last night. Mmmmm… pad thai.