This time, I didn’t even have to get to Chicago before I was delayed! This time for four hours! At least! Go me!

At least I was first in line for rebooking.

How are you?

10 Comments on “Irony”

  1. Glad you were first in line. I’m ok, but very bored of housework. Even the iPod can only do so much to relieve the tedium.

  2. Drive. Anything less than 6 hours, get in the car. Increase the time by every delay.

  3. Next time you’re flying via O’Hare, you can have a signing for your Chicago fans to kill the time. If any of us could make it past security there in a reasonable amount of time.

    When I have to fly, I usually fly from Midway, but you can only go to like 4 places from there.

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