Oh, Look, Another Travel Day

I love being places. The getting there? Eh, not so much. But since teleportation is still science fiction (thanks so much, engineers), I still have to be shipped around in moving boxes and flying tubes. So, more travel for me today. I may pop in again if I am once again stranded in Chicago, as I fully expect to be.

Remember that there’s still time to get in questions for Reader Request Week; drop them here. Feel free to ask questions other than about writing, incidentally; I’ll probably answer one or two writing-related questions, but I really have more fun with the questions I’m not actually expecting on a regular basis.

And now, to eat some left over pad thai from last night. Mmmmm… pad thai.

6 Comments on “Oh, Look, Another Travel Day”

  1. Well, the good news is the sky in Chicago is clear enough that weather shouldn’t be a factor.

    The bad news — O’Hare can have delays for no obvious reason whatsoever…

  2. Whenever I start having murderous thoughts against airline executives, I just stop and think that it could be worse. Consider crossing the country by bus.

  3. Hey, don’t blame us engineers. We just implement. The second the scientists tell us how to do it, we’ll do it!

    (Caveat: I’m a software engineer, so by “we” I mean “the hardware guys”.)

  4. Hey! I’m an engineer, and it’s totally not my fault. We’re the ones who take stuff from the lab to the public. You have to wait for the scientists to get it in the lab before you can blame us for not getting it to the public.

  5. Hey, I’m a scientist. We live in a country where both the government and corporations don’t want to fund Real Science, i.e. basic research. Scientists can’t pull this stuff out of thin air — well they can, but then it’s not science. (grin)

    Dr. Phil

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