Daily Archives: March 30, 2008

Fiddle Fiddle

To everyone who missed the “last post, next post” navigation on the single entry pages: I just put it back in. Now the site is ever so slightly easier to trundle through. You’re welcome. I may do some additional fiddling tonight, so don’t be terribly surprised if the site suddenly spazzes out and then equally […]

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Upgrading Tonight

Whatever may be offline for some amount of time this evening as I update WordPress to version 2.5. If you can’t reach it, don’t panic. Also, yes, I’ve backed up everything. Update, 7:37: All updated. Damn, but upgrading is easy in WordPress.

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Where Was I, Anyway?

Well, here’s a hint: For those of you not up on these things, that’s a headcrab, featured in the games Half-Life and Half-Life 2, by the video game company Valve Software, which I visited on my trip. What did I see there? I can’t tell you (I signed an NDA). What did I do there? […]

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How I Avoid Speeding Tickets

Because, as it happens, I get out of speeding tickets nine out of ten times I pull over. Here’s how I do it: I admit I’m speeding and tell the cop to please go ahead and write me up. Usually the cop is so shocked that I’m not even trying to argue with him that […]

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Yes, I Am In Chicago

Because, honestly. Where else would I be? Home? Madness! Sleeping now. Hopefully will actually be home sometime tomorrow before noon. We shall see.

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