Fiddle Fiddle

To everyone who missed the “last post, next post” navigation on the single entry pages: I just put it back in. Now the site is ever so slightly easier to trundle through. You’re welcome.

I may do some additional fiddling tonight, so don’t be terribly surprised if the site suddenly spazzes out and then equally suddenly returns to normal.

17 Comments on “Fiddle Fiddle”

  1. Unfortunately WordPress’ PDA enhancements have bastardized the Whatever, even though my PDA’s are perfectly capable of rendering most webpages — and there’s no Next/Previous post buttons on this single entry page.

    Make it stop doing this. I don’t want to be “helped”.

    Dr. Phil

  2. OK, now the next/previous is there. Blink. It wasn’t there two minutes ago. Scoobie? Scoobie? Let’s get out of here!

    Dr. Phil

  3. Dr. Phil:

    I’m using WP-cache on a 300 second cycle, so not everything will show on every page simultaneously.

  4. Thank you for adding them back in.

    The only change I would ask for is to have them appear at the end of the comments as well. It’s not so big a deal on entries with only a handful of comments, but on those that have hundreds of comments it would make moving on to the next entry much easier.

    </two cents>

  5. Yay! Thank you, thank you!

    I second John H’s request (#6).

    Here’s an oddness — the name “Chris” was in the Leave A Reply “Name” box before I began this.

  6. P.S. I came to this page originally via Google Reader, but I can’t duplicate getting the “Chris” either from G.R. or directly.

  7. Back on an XP machine — and the whole web page displays, as expected. These “smart” systems that insist on creating bastardized pages for PDAs without a button to “opt out” of such “helpful” help — they drive me nuts. I gotta spring for one of those Fujitsu U810 tablets and pretend it’s a PDA… (grin)

    I’ve been through several pages of the Whatever, hit refresh several times, and too impatient to wait 300 seconds — no Previous/Next links on the bottom.

    No doubt they’ll appear the moment I post this. (grin)

    Dr. Phil

  8. Ah — Previous Next is at the top? It was on the bottom when it finally showed up on the PDA. Top and bottom are nice — means you don’t have to scroll back up to the top if you read all the comments.

    Tired now. Going to sleep.

    Dr. Phil

  9. I love those things makes navigating a wordpress site easy since I can do it without having wade through the monthly archives. It’s a small thing but I like it.

  10. John, I don’t usually worship at the foot of the “politically correct” deity of choice – but “spazzes out”?

  11. What about it? Clearly I’m missing some association here, and apparently have been for 30 years. As far as I know, it’s not meant to denigrate any particular group.

    I went looking for something on this, and while one shouldn’t rely on Wikipedia as a final source on anything, its entry on “Spastic” notes that the word “spaz(z)” has different connotations for the UK and the US; apparently it’s a much worse insult over there. Maybe this is what you’re thinking of?

  12. Yup – cultural difference, obviously for cultural imperialism (it’s the only sort we are allowed now, since you took our Empire away) :-)

  13. the above post missed out my “my bad” after cultural difference, so it makes even less sense than normal :-)

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